It seems that everyone thinks that business needs to get into social media. Sure, social media is great for some companies (mainly business to consumer models) but its not going to work for everyone. If you come to us and we don’t think social media is the right fit for you we will tell you. Sure, we may be missing out on some work but we would prefer to pass on the work rather than put you to the effort of getting social media savvy for little to no return. We also always advocate that if you are going to use social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare or any of the others, you need to be using it in your personal life first. If you accidentally @ mention someone instead of DM them in your personal life its a whoops, if you do it on your business account it may be a disaster!

It may sound like we are against social media, quite the contrary, we love it! It can be an incredibly powerful tool but only in the right hands. If you don’t have the right hands in your business, we can lend ours.