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Anyone in the design industry (be it digital or print) would be familiar with clients asking “can you make the logo bigger?”. It’s the bane of lot of desigers existance. Can you make my logo bigger? by Ken Richmond does a great job of explaining why a client may want their logo bigger, so I wont go into the why. What I will share is my response to a client (who shal remain nameless) when I was asked.

Making the logo bigger is common request. My general position is, although the logo is important, it should never be the focus of the website. The whole point of the website, in your case, is to convey what you do and how you do it. As such the images and content should be the focus. Making the logo bigger does not help a potential customer decide on you over a competitor, in fact it may hinder. The logo is just a part of your overall branding which also includes the colours and fonts you use. I think the key with the logo it so make it legible and a balanced component of the site, which I feel it is.

Thankfully it worked and the client agreed with me! After writing I wondered how ‘the pros’ did it. Low and behold I found a perfect example on my first port of call, Coca-Cola Australia.

I could have used more sinister tactics but I generally find it makes life easier to educate and get the client on your side.

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